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New Doctor Who, New Danger
“One Decree of Separation”
What if… The Doctor was a bad husband?

Sofa So Good


One Decree of Separation


The Follies of Our Poof


Science Not Sorcery


The Judgement of Cheeky Chops


Whose Pig Is It Anyway




The Hand of Matthew


Changing Worlds

Season Two

Season Three


Starring Woolly as The Doctor

“Bloody invalids”

“Silver poofs”

“Why don’t they bugger off back where they came from?”

“Ugly buggers”

The Master?
“Never trust a half wit with a beard”

The Rani?
“Bloody woman – she’s got a face like a robber’s dog”

The Time Lords?
“A monkey with a stick could run the universe better than they do”

The Doctor is very set in his ways. That is, until Mrs Who breaks the news that she wants a divorce. If that wasn't good... bad enough, her lawyer is demanding a heavy settlement. Can the Doctor face eternity without his beloved TARDIS…

The Doctor

Mrs Who
Helen Goldwyn

The Lawyer
Nicholas Briggs

The Judge
Peter Miles

The Doctor’s friend
Mik Garatts

In something of a surprise piece of casting, director Nick "Nicholas" Briggs cast a 57 year old pensions administrator from the Greater Manchester area. Defending the choice, Mr Briggs said "I defend my choice".