Doctor Who Unbound - Unbound
New Doctor Who, New Danger
What if… the Doctor had a moustache?

Sofa So Good


One Decree of Separation


The Follies of Our Poof


Science Not Sorcery


The Judgement of Cheeky Chops


Whose Pig Is It Anyway




The Hand of Matthew


Changing Worlds

Season Two

Season Three


Starring a Man with a Moustache as The Doctor

The Doctor’s moustache comb has been sucked into a wormhole and the universe faces the twin perils of an unkempt Doctor and his Time Lord DNA falling into alien hands. It becomes a race against time as the Doctor has to travel through time and space to track down his grooming aid or risk an eternity of being clean-shaven. But what the Doctor doesn’t know is that a man with a beard opened the wormhole deliberately and had a very sinister reason for doing so. In a fight to the death there can only be one winner and the sacrifice may be too great even for a man with a moustache to bear.

The Doctor
A Man with a Moustache

The Master
A Man with a Beard

Ian Richardson

Herr Kutt
Nicholas Briggs

Herr Pees
Nicholas Pegg

Herr Reynuts
Robert Jezek