Doctor Who Unbound - Unbound
New Doctor Who, New Danger
“The Hand of Matthew”
What if… The Doctor was a puppet?

Sofa So Good


One Decree of Separation


The Follies of Our Poof


Science Not Sorcery


The Judgement of Cheeky Chops


Whose Pig Is It Anyway




The Hand of Matthew


Changing Worlds

Season Two

Season Three



Starring Sooty as The Doctor

The Doctor has used his magic wand to turn the Dalek fleet into a bowl of flour and dumped it on the Cybermen’s heads. They’re cross with him and have pledged to get him back for it. Pursued through time and space by the Cyber-Timeship, the Doctor and his companions Sweep and Soo must formulate a plan to defeat the Cyber army or spend the rest of their lives running away. Finding themselves on the planet Telos, they discover the largest water pistol ever built. Will the Cyber Race destroy the time travellers? Will the doomsday water pistol bring about the end of the universe? Will the Cryons assist the Doctor or side with the Cybermen? As time begins to run out, the Doctor must make a choice between changing history or sacrificing the galaxy. Once he’s used the bathroom, the gloves will be off…

The Doctor

Matthew Corbett

Matthew Corbett

Brenda Longman