Season Four
“The Androids of A-Haaa”



Starring Nick Briggs as the Doctor

The tracer leads the Doctor onto the galaxy's eighth most popular chat show where he must contend with a bitter host who wants to replace Michael Parkinson with an android replica, a man with a truly awe inspiring hat (a first for the audio medium), Glen Ponder and his band "Charisma" committing acts of torture on classic pop tracks, some dreadful puns and a catchphrase that has been known to cause fatalities.

But just when the Doctor thinks things can't get any worse, out comes The Host's Big Pocket and a surprise guest from his past with some childhood anecdotes and what is either a hilarious pretend gun or a hideous death ray.

Can the Doctor escape with the fourth segment, his dignity and still get in a plug for Karfel Productions?

Can the Daleks really be appearing after the commercial break to sing their latest number?

Will the host really detonate a nuclear device in the name of cutting edge entertainment?

And on that bombshell...