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“The Judgement of Cheekychops”
What if… The Doctor had an irritating catchphrase?

Sofa So Good


One Decree of Separation


The Follies of Our Poof


Science Not Sorcery


The Judgement of Cheeky Chops


Whose Pig Is It Anyway




The Hand of Matthew


Changing Worlds

Season Two

Season Three


Starring Timmy Mallett as the Doctor

“There’s nothing you can do to prevent the catharsis of spurious morality”
“I’ll be the judge of that, cheeky chops”

“My Daleks will be invincible”
“I’ll be the judge of that, cheeky chops”

“You are not like us. You will become like us.”
“I’ll be the judge of that, cheeky chops”

“Nothing in ze vorld can schtop me now!!”
“I’ll be the judge of that, cheeky chops”

The universe has decided that the Doctor must die. In a desperate bid to save their sanity, the Time Lords send a crack troupe of CIA agents to chase the Doctor through time and space and eliminate the most annoying sentence in existence. Can the Doctor overcome all the odds and preserve his freedom of speech or will he be erased from existence by the Time Lords?

“Doctor – we are going to erase you. It will be as though you never existed.”

“I’ll be the judge of that, cheeky chops...”

The Doctor
Timmy Mallett

Nicholas Briggs

Nicholas Pegg

Nigel Fairs

CIA Agent Smith
Robert Jezek

CIA Agent Jones
Melvin Bragg