Doctor Who Unbound - Unbound
New Doctor Who, New Danger
“Sorcery Not Science”
What if… Miss Hawthorne was the Doctor all the time?

Sofa So Good


One Decree of Separation


The Follies of Our Poof


Science Not Sorcery


The Judgement of Cheeky Chops


Whose Pig Is It Anyway




The Hand of Matthew


Changing Worlds

Season Two

Season Three


Starring Damaris Hayman as The Doctor

“Elemental, my dear Simon” said the Doctor, rubbing her crystal ball.

“Gosh, Doctor, how did you manage it?” asked her dishy young companion.

“I cast the runes, read the leaves and consulted the entrails of a sheep. They told me that Doland must be the murderer.”

“And the Vervoids?”

“I examined Tonker’s palm and could tell that he had a long life ahead of him and most of it would be spent in jail for stealing his cargo of precious metal. That gave me the vital clue that there was a shipment of Vionesium on board.”

“And that saw to the wretched Vervoids.”

“Now, would you like to hear my rendering of Minnie the Moocher?”

Events on the Hyperion 3 seem to have been satisfactorily concluded but when The Doctor invites Janet to spend a quiet evening with her, she discovers that the wiggly bottomed stewardess isn’t all she seems. An even greater menace awaits and with time running out it becomes clear that a lifetime in jail is the last of Commodore Travers’ problems…

The Doctor
Damaris Heyman

Ben Miller

Janet the Wiggly Bottomed Stewardess
Yolanda Vazquez

Commodore Travers
Michael Craig

Pepi the Vervoid
Sir Ian McKellen

The Void
Grit Masask