Season Four
“The Irate Planet”



Starring Nick Briggs as the Doctor

"Yes? Yes? What do you want?"

"I'd like a room for the night"

"It's always the same with you people. My God..."

The Doctor arrives on the planet Torki in search of the second segment and finds it is somewhere within a terrifying house, guarded by dragons and home to lost souls. Agonised cries echo around the peeling walls and everywhere the Doctor can sense the bleak, dark emptiness of failed dreams and abandoned hopes.

"Both names."


"You've only filled out one name on the registration. We do request both names. It's not difficult you know..."

"Ah, well, I'm generally just known as The Doctor."

"You're a doctor?"


"Welcome to Torki, Doctor, please do let me know if there's anything I can do to make your stay here more enjoyable."

When Mavic Chen and his inner circle arrive, the Doctor realises he has more to worry about than avoiding the creepy affections of the Hotel Manager. Having seen the future in an earlier incarnation he knows he must be on his guard and under no circumstances mention the core. With time running out, a Siberian hamster running around the hotel, a Greek chef running amok in the kitchens and the Major under the control of the Black Guardian, it becomes a terrifying race to the death...

"You're not an Inspector are you?"

"No - I'm a Time Lord."

"You're a Lord as well?? I am your humble servant, My Lord. Would you like a bottle of claret?"