Season Four
“The She Boss Operation”



Starring Nick Briggs as the Doctor

"Oh how thoughtless. Someone has landed a TARDIS right in the middle of the front garden. What will the neighbours say?

Quick - we must get him inside where he won't cause such a stir. Richard - put the kettle on and get out the second best china service. He may be someone important."

The Doctor begins his quest for the Key to Comedy on the planet Suburbia and meets his match in The Lady of the House. His tracer suggests that the first segment is one of her new and highly exclusive cushions but will he manage to retrieve it before the photographs of her son are brought out? Is the docile "Richard" all he seems to be or does that amiable moustache hide all together more sinister facial hair? Can the Doctor escape or will he be drawn irrevocably into The Lady of the House's circle?

Time is running out - either the Doctor completes his mission or he will be invited to join them for a dinner party and be paired off with the vicar's charming daughter who has a lovely nature once you get past her unfortunate teeth...

Then the Lady of the House discovers that her guest is a Doctor and all hell breaks loose.