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Exclusive to The Vervoid, this the internet's premier encyclopaedia of rarely remembered gems and groans from the archives of Britain's embarrassed television channels. Meticulously researched and written for us by television expert Lewis Levesque, this is sure to be an educational resource as well as an entertaining trip down memory lane. If you don't remember at least eight of these shows then you probably weren't born in the 1970s.
The Encyclopaedia Britellica will grow to be the ultimate television resource so remember to check back regularly for newly unearthed gems.

The Extras section will feature fascinating in-depth essays about selected, but sadly neglected, items of televisual history.


Lewis Levesque has been writing about television for over twenty years and has been published in such august journals as "The Giggle Gazette", "The Why Don't You Annual 1979" and "The Encyclopaedia Britellica" website.