"She’s vanished, with enough K14 to kill ten million people!"



Rhapsody Angel is seen lounging around the Angels’ quarters. More noteworthy is another Dr Fawn cameo; the tall, dark and silent chappy is leaning against the back of Lieutenant Green’s chair in one scene. It’s a shame I can’t give him any official appearance stats due to my own enforced rule about only counting characters if they leave the base or are given lines. This is the first of several Fawn cameos that will litter the remaining episodes. I doubt anybody’s fussed but, y’know, just thought I’d mention it.


"To prove how useless it is for you to resist, we will destroy the Place of the Angels."

Ah, Mysterons with a sense of metaphor and wordplay. Don’t you just love ‘em?


Judy Chapman, assistant to one Dr Denton, is killed and duplicated by the Mysterons and made to steal from a Manchester research centre a phial containing the deadly K14 virus, capable of killing over ten million people. She travels to America and, in an attempt to elude her Spectrum pursuers, she pretends to crash her vehicle, leaving a fake shattered phial in the wreckage. Whilst Scarlet and Blue are immediately quarantined to check possible contamination, Chapman carries on to the Boulder Dam reservoir in an attempt to carry out her plan: to pour the contents of the real K14 phial into the water supply of Los Angeles - the Place of the Angels…


When Judy re-enters the research centre, the Mysteron "eyes" float across the dangerous materials’ safe, opening it for her. That was nice of them.

Later, Captain Black watches Judy driving in her car through his binoculars and relays further instructions telepathically to her.


When the Spectrum jet flies over the top of Boulder Dam, Captain Scarlet volunteers to eject to reach the Mysteron agent. As he is slowly floating down to the ground he is promptly shot. Idiot.


Spectrum is fooled into believing that the virus was released upon finding the car wreckage; however, they had no alternative than to act in case of the worst case scenario.


Captain Scarlet successfully gets back the phial without breaking it – just.

Spectrum: 20 Mysterons: 4




Another scintillating Angel conversation:

SYMPHONY: "The Place of the Angels? It means nothing to me."

DESTINY: "Nor to me but it’s the way the Mysterons try to confuse us!"

SYMPHONY: "It’s the waiting I don’t like."

DESTINY: "Of course. When we’re in action it’s not so bad but – uh! – just sitting here…"

SYMPHONY: "And all the time we know that somewhere, somehow the Mysterons are making plans to carry out their threat!"

Well thanks for that summary of populist opinion, ladies. We’ll let you know if we need anything else spelled out for us. Nice to hear Destiny still trying to grunt randomly in the middle of sentences. L’amour! L’amour!


"It looks so harmless!" says the assistant as Dr Denton plays with his equipment. What sort of a name is "Dr Denton" anyway?


Colonel White ruefully comments that, "She certainly gets around…" with a rather cheeky tremor to his voice.


Captain Scarlet seems to have a chip on his shoulder about Manchester but he doesn’t really make any jokes. I suppose we’d all better make some up instead.


There isn’t really an end of episode speech of any kind; Scarlet grabs the phial and calls up Cloudbase to tell them that he’s saved the city. Sounds a bit smug too, if you ask me.


DR DENTON: "The phial will remain sealed till after the test tomorrow; nothing can go wrong!"

You arse. With those four words you’ve just doomed the entirety of Western civilisation.


BLUE: "Colonel, could the Mysterons mean by the ‘Place of the Angels’ that they plan to attack one of the Angels’ home towns?"

WHITE: "It’s a thought. Check it out, Lieutenant."

And what’s Lieutenant Green supposed to do? Phone up all the Angels’ mums and ask if they’ve seen any suspicious activities going on around their houses, like missile transporters getting nicked or dead people coming back to life with vacant, blank looks on their faces? Is Lieutenant Green meant to nip on out to Paris and Chelsea to have a quick look round himself? Unsurprisingly, what Green actually does is scoot along his computer bank and press a button. All he ever does is push a button and I’m fairly sure it’s the same button every time. A magical, mystical wonder-button, capable of doing everything from sending out a general alert to every Spectrum building in the Northern hemisphere to putting the kettle on for the Colonel’s coffee.


GREEN: "A bacteriological research centre just outside Manchester, England. They’re requesting Spectrum’s assistance."

WHITE: "Right. Captain Blue, Captain Scarlet, on your way!"

Hang on, shouldn’t you wait to find out what the chaps in Manchester want before sending your top men out there? For all you know they might just be requesting a rise in the quota of clipboards.



SYMPHONY: "Captain Scarlet, we have visual contact with the suspect’s car."

I expect you have, you’re flying about 6 foot above it.


DR BENTON: "I just hope you know what you’re doing, Colonel. Millions of lives may well depend on your judgement."

Oh f*ck, we’re screwed.



It’s funny that, since the voice artist of Dr Fawn was no longer available, Colonel White has to direct questions about the sickbay to Lieutenant Green instead – even when Dr Fawn is standing right there behind him.

Fawn is then said to be working on an antiserum to the virus Scarlet and Blue may have contracted but is promptly forgotten about when it’s discovered that the broken phial wasn’t the real one. Whether anybody bothered to inform Dr Fawn is never stated; for all we know he could still be toiling away, trying to find an antidote to a virus that doesn’t exist…


Captain Black leaves a large freight lorry across the road in the dark so that the scientist’s assistant, Judy Chapman, crashes her car into it and gets killed on impact (remarkably, however, the resulting explosions occur about four or five seconds after the event).

The Mysteron Judy then returns to the research centre and kills off the security man by strangling him with some mechanical grippers used for holding dangerous test tubes, though why the guard is sitting with his back to the glass inside the volatile liquids’ testing room itself I have no idea. Shouldn’t he be in the lab on the other side of the glass? And those grippers are absurdly long.


Spectrum doesn’t lose anything except valuable time in which they could have caught Judy a great deal sooner. With Scarlet and Blue indisposed why didn’t they just send out Captain Ochre, Captain Grey or somebody else to carry on the search for Judy anyway?


Judy sends her car off a deep incline to try and fool Spectrum into believing she’s crashed, but it’s not very dramatic. In fact it just ambles down the side before slowly scraping a small tree. Doesn’t even explode.


The lorry earlier on explodes a couple of times in quick succession but that’s your lot.


No forenames.


Colonel White goes to the sickbay to check on Scarlet and Blue and gets to wear his Spectrum hat! Unfortunately he can’t pronounce "Los Angeles".


The scientist’s security man appears to be a Navy sea captain.

Captain Scarlet reports to the Colonel that an antidote for the K14 virus will only be created in a few months time but surely if the virus itself has been fully cultivated in the lab an antidote ought to be known already? The precise nature of the virus is never defined either; Spectrum assumes it to be an airborne type but Judy is attempting to contaminate a water supply with it, and it’s always seen to be red liquid.

Spectrum’s New York operative, who chats to Scarlet over the radio, sounds just like Captain Ochre attempting a fake Nyuu Yoik twang. The mechanic looking after the SPV looks a bit like him as well.

It’s a bit of a cop-out that when Judy trips and falls over the side of the dam to her death, the glass phial doesn’t immediately shatter when it hits the concrete, allowing Scarlet to retrieve it (which he makes a huge fuss of, nearly nudging the contents into the dam himself).

Another episode that, whilst not enormously interesting in itself, is still more enjoyable than the average Captain Scarlet. One of the few episodes of the new CGI series that I’ve seen had the Mysterons taking over research scientists working on a deadly virus and I recall that the notion of contaminating a water supply was dismissed almost straight away. The silly fools. That’s why puppets are better than computer graphic characters, that is.


Colonel’s got a brand new hat, baby, yo…

"Now I want you to look after the lab until the morning."
"Aye aye, captain!"
"Yo ho ho. Fish fingers."
"I know you have."

Death of a Sailor, now in progress.
"Arrrr, Jim lad…"