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Jason King
Peter Wyngarde is the crime fighting playboy


Wanna buy a television series?

A Page Before Dying

Buried in the Cold Cold Ground

A Deadly Line in Digits

Variations on a Theme

As Easy as A.B.C.

To Russia with Panache

A Red Red Rose Forever

All That Glisters: Part 1

All That Glisters: Part 2

Flamingos Only Fly on Tuesdays


The Constance Missal

Uneasy Lies the Head


A Kiss for a Beautiful Killer

If It's Got to Go, It's Got to Go

A Thin Band of Air

It's Too Bad About Auntie

The Stones of Venice

A Royal Flush

Every Picture Tells a Story

Chapter One: The Company I Keep


An Author in Search of Two Characters

That Isn't Me, It's Somebody Else