By Kinggodzillak


An Introduction to The Adventurer


An Introduction to the Episode Guide


Episode One: "The Good Book"


Episode Two: "Return to Sender"


Episode Three: "Double Exposure"


Episode Four: "Thrust and Counter-Thrust"


Episode Five: "Poor Little Rich Girl"


Episode Six: "Miss Me Once, Miss Me Twice, and Miss Me Once Again"


Episode Seven: "Counterstrike"


Episode Eight: "The Bradley Way"


Episode Nine: "Love Always, Magda"


Episode Ten: "Nearly the End of the Picture"


Episode Eleven: "Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?"


Episode Twelve: "Deadlock"


Episode Thirteen: "Skeleton in the Cupboard"


Episode Fourteen: "Target!"


Episode Fifteen: "Action!"


Episode Sixteen: "I'll Get There Sometime"


Episode Seventeen: "The Solid Gold Hearse"


Episode Eighteen: "To The Lowest Bidder"


Episode Nineteen: "Full Fathom Five"


Episode Twenty: "Going, Going"


Episode Twenty One: "The Not-So-Merry Widow "


Episode Twenty Two: "The Case of the Poisoned Pawn"


Episode Twenty Three: "Icons are Forever"


Episode Twenty Four: "Mr Calloway is a Very Cautious Man"


Episode Twenty Five: "Make it a Million "


Episode Twenty Six: "Somebody Doesn't Like Me"


The Epilogue


A Musical Tribute to "The Adventurer" (right click and "Save as")