By Kinggodzillak


The basic story of the episode. Or at least what I've been able to make out, at any rate...

The opening titles of the series come into 50 different combinations. In addition to various cast and crew changes, there are also different shots of Barry Morse when his credit comes up. I'll be keeping a detailed log...

Obvious. Guest cast list plus any other notes I feel like throwing in about actors who really should have known better...

Is the chap who wrote the episode, or rather translated it from the original Eighth-Century Scandinavian folktale...

Is the chap who directed the episode, and consequently hammered a rather large nail into his career.

The series shot all over the world, and that was usually just in the pre-credits sequence. Here is where we learn which poor countries were forever tainted by their participation in the series.

Keeping track of all the various details that get dumped on the audience during Parminter's mission briefings.



Notes on the character of Gene Bradley, movie star and secret agent extraordinary. I'll toss in any notes on Brandon here too.

Notes on the character of Mr Parminter.

Notes on the character of Diane Marsh if she's in this episode.

Notes on the character of Gavin Taylor or whoever's filling in for him.

Notes on Gene Bradley's latest trendy fashions, fighting tactics and world famous dance moves.

Notes on the various people from Gene's past who crop up throughout the series.

Looking at the dastardly scoundrels who would dare to cross Gene and friends in each episodes.



Those brilliantly crafted witticisms that you'll want to toss into casual conversation over and over again.

The pre-titles sequences always end on a supposed cliffhanger, usually a line of dialogue which, more often than not, just doesn't mean a damn thing. These are they.

Any lines which sound almost cruelly ironic when taken out of context. Which is what I'm going to do with them.



Dedicated to various story inconsistencies and plotholes. This section will be long, no doubt.

Dedicated to technical cockups, be it editing, back projection, and just plain old wobbly sets.

The moment where everything goes belly-up and utter chaos reigns. In other words, a moment of pure undiluted Adventurer.

Whatever other rubbish I feel like wittering on aboot.

Rating it on a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the high mark of 'very crap' and 0 being 'oh God what did I do to deserve this oh mummy help me so cold..."