A Brief Introduction 

In the wake of the feature length television film starring Paul McGann, authors Robin Bland and Jerrard Habris were commissioned in 1996 to write a two part history of Doctor Who by Virgin Publishing, which was intended to be the definitive story of the much loved science fiction programme.

 Unfortunately, Virgin were mortified to discover some of the more gory details that Bland and Habris unearthed during the writing of the first volume, and upon advice from the BBC and their legal department, decided not to publish it. Now, after eight years, one of only two surviving copies of the original manuscript has been discovered amongst the effects of the late Robin Bland, and we are pleased to make it available in its original, unexpurgated form.


 1. Birth Of A Time Lord

2. The First Doctor - William Hartnell

3. The Cosmic Hobo - Patrick Troughton

4. The Dandified Man Of Action - Jon Pertwee

5. Ten Years Of Doctor Who

6. "Hello, I Am The Doctor - Have A Jelly Baby" - Tom Baker

7. The End Of An Era