Welcome to the online home of Sir Gerald Benson.

The First extract is from "The Not Very Civil Servant" and involved helpful men in lavatories, borrowed trousers and security men who make you prefer terrorists. Click here to begin.

The second extract is from chapter one of Sir Gerald's fourth volume of reminiscences "Gerald and the Women" and is the very first appearance of a man who would cause Sir Gerald much consternation. The gentleman known only as Smith. You can read the extract by clicking here.

Our third extract shows how Sir Gerald's communication skills are put to the test on a regular basis. It is taken from Chapter Eight of his superb third memoir "Brotherly Loathe" and concerns a dinner party that his shady brother is holding at a secret location. Click here to enjoy.

The fourth extract is from "Gerald Benson - The Relatively Early Years", Sir Gerald's second volume of recollections and concerns a confrontation of epic proportions (with added cheese). Click here to read.

Our fifth extract is from Sir Gerald's unfinished sixth volume of memoirs and gives an excellent insight into the daily life of our hero. One day, Sir Gerald will either finish the book or be forced at lawyer-point to hand back his advance.

Extract six is from the Relatively Early Years and sees Mr Benson take a taxi ride on the day of an important job interview.

(new) Gobbet seven contains two Smith related extracts from "Gerald and the Women" which further explain how this infuriating man was of some minor assistance to Gerald during a time when absolutely everyone else was making a complete sows ear out of the whole business.

Here you will find exclusive extracts from his autobiographical volumes, personal messages from Sir Gerald and - coming soon - the chance to buy genuine, high quality Sir Gerald Benson merchandise. What better way to celebrate Christmas than with the Sir Gerald Benson Cheeses of the World Gift Set or the hygienic/romantic hybrid that is the Sir Gerald Benson Bumper Body Rub and Bath Time Hamper?