The Doctor Who

The audience of Doctor Who is already established. Even if it did not increase dramatically since it has started to air but it is enough to keep the show going. There are many memorable scenes that the fans have already in their minds. There are great moments that they can watch again and again. The tv show has already its established story and even if there are times that it would end but it has survived and has produced more episodes with different actors performing the role of doctor.

It even reached the number of fourteen actors who performed the role of the doctor. The actors include Patrick Troughton as the second doctor. The third doctor is Jon Pertwee. He acted for the years 1970 to 1974. The ninth doctor is Christopher Eccleston and the fourth one is Tom Baker. The tenth doctor is David Tennant which acted from the year 2005 to 2010. The eleventh doctor is Matt Smith and the twelfth is Peter Capaldi. It is great that the doctor has the capacity to time travel.

It can also live again even if he died so they can cast different actors. It is also great as it can go to one age to another so it could depict the past, present and the future. There are many other tv shows but this one had its own appeal and so it has stayed even if others have already gone. You can also watch some of the clips that have been posted on the social media.