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The Vervoid started life as a Doctor Who website but quickly grew beyond all expectations when people who like Doctor Who started writing about all the other things like liked too. Cult television, classic movies, not so classic movies, half-forgotten pop stars and even real life. There are now over 4,000 things to look at from more than forty contributors. The site is updated regularly and has an open submissions policy for anyone interested.

New this week - the evil chorus line is appalled in "The Phantom Empire"

Latest updates

(10th) a million pounds in cash... Butch discovers the extent of Elton's evil plan... and Gene Autry dons a cunning disguise... (24th) five doctors gather in Edinburgh... Gene Autry puts on a false moustache... Butch follows a vital lead in Central City... and Dennis and Francois near the end of The Daleks... (18th) a brand new serial begins... Dennis and Francois analyse the middle of The Daleks... Edinburgh part 4... and Butch discovers an old enemy at work in Central City... (27th) I arrive in Edinburgh... Dennis and Francois finish Story A... Butch realises he's left his wallet at home... I lose patience with the Creeping Phantom... and Big Finish reaches Zagreus with painful results... (20th) the first part of my Edinburgh journey... a brand new feature where Dennis and Francois watch Doctor Who... everyone dies in the Phantom Creeps (probably)... and Butch unmasks a traitor in Central City... (6th) the final part of Coventry... the man John meets the man John... Bob falls in some water... the Space Museum et al... and TRAFFIC COPS~! (23rd) Coventry part 3 - the Herbert... Bob dies in a fire in "The Phantom Creeps"... and Butch's debriefing is saved when the man John makes a chance remark... (11th) Coventry part 2... singing, political satire and a jumble of scenes in my BF memoir... Bela Lugosi hires an office... and Butch has his faith shattered in Central City... (2nd) the final part of "A Rift in Time"... the Pioneer crew emit down to Central City... part 1 of my Coventry Odyssey... Jamie and King Peladon tell their Chronicles... and Bob gets hugged to atoms in that serial whose name I can never remember... (19th) Butch holds a staff meeting in what could be their last few moments of life... the foreign spies can't stop Bob but Bob's own stupidity might... two more Companion Chronicles reviews... the Tomorrow People moralise about killing flies in ancient Britain... and we reach 2003 in Who, What, Where... (12th) the beatnik chauffeur betrays Bela Lugosi... the TPs go back to the year 1 A.D.... the second half of Big Finish's 2002... the start of a new Adventures into Space adventure (into space)... and was my Doctor Who experiment a success?...

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